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Posted March 2, 2020

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Engineers of Tomorrow is a not-for-profit that is shaping the engineering narrative by telling better stories. 

Happy NEM 2020!

It’s here! National Engineering Month!

March will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

It’s a month were engineering gets to take centre stage.

Engineering is a “stealth” profession.

Engineers work behind the scenes to help keep people safe, design and develop solutions to problems, and make the world a better place.

The general public doesn’t always question….

…who designed this bridge?

…why is this the best concrete to build with?

…how did the toothpaste get into the tube?

You get the idea?

Of course, when things go wrong, we will hear all about the mistakes or bad decisions made by engineers.

So March is a time for celebration. Awareness. Connection.

It’s a time to explore what it means to be an engineer, and how engineers affect the world we live in, and the world we want to see!

What are you up to for #NEM2020 ??

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