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Posted March 20, 2020

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Happy International Earth Day!

Happy International Earth Day!

March 20th corresponds with the Vernal Equinox: the sun lies exactly in line with the equator and day and night are identical in length… pretty cool!

International Earth Day has been used as an opportunity to educate about and celebrate Earth!

We also love celebrating all of the amazing engineers and scientists who work hard every day to create technologies that help our planet.

These technologies typically fit into the following categories:

  • Improving Energy Efficiency
    • Energy efficiency improvements are being made in so many different areas with all kinds of varying approaches. This ranges from altering the process of a system to improve energy consumption, to ‘geo-exchanging’ heat pumps.
  • Renewable Energy
    • Most of us are probably familiar with renewable energy sources: solar, wind, water, etc. What’s exciting in this area is the projected takeover of renewable energy and the steady cost decrease.
  • Nuclear Energy
    • While there are many debates over whether or not nuclear energy has a viable place in our green future… nuclear power generation is an extremely impressive technology no doubt.
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
    • Kind of like a law enforcement system on a chemical level, CO2 is captured, transported and deposited where it can no longer do harm!

We love technology that helps our planet!

What’s your favourite green technology?

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