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Posted April 9, 2021

About us

Engineers of Tomorrow is a not-for-profit that is shaping the engineering narrative by telling better stories. 

Everyone has a story to tell

What kind of an engineer are you??

What discipline did you study (or are you studying now!)?

Our engineer volunteers represent a huge variety of engineering disciplines!

They each have their own personal engineering story to share!

This week we’re featuring EIR volunteer, Noor Siddiqi.

Noor studied Communications Engineering at Carleton University. She works for the Department of Justice Canada as a Programmer Analyst.

Communications engineers are a part of the continuous evolution in the realm of technology; enhancing the interconnectivity of our devices and thus connecting humans!


Read on to learn more about Noor’s story….



Why did you become an engineer?

Growing up I always enjoyed math and science courses. I found myself asking questions and wanting to know more about technology. I chose the Communications Engineering program to continue asking questions and further expand my interests in programming and digital connectedness.

Engineering has enabled me to use skills of design, analytical thinking and problem-solving to seek solutions and create roads for meaningful change.


Why do you volunteer?

Before pursuing engineering, I had great mentors that inspired me and helped drive my passion for STEM. By volunteering, I hope to give back and inspire others.


What do you think is unique about the EIR program?

The flexibility of the program works with all teaching styles and learning patterns. This has allowed me to adapt the presentations to the interests and skill set of every class.


 What impact do you feel you are having as an EIR volunteer?

As an EIR volunteer, I am helping inspire the next generation of engineers by showing them the really cool things that engineers get to do. As a woman in engineering, I am breaking down the stigma related to studying STEM.

I have presented about many different engineering programs with many different career choices, have dived into code and discussed new technologies. Students have had the opportunity to try out different activities, grow their minds and ask questions. I believe this has allowed them to start thinking of the future, possible careers and is helping them be prepared to unlock the doors for their future..


Thanks Noor!


You are truly an example of the value of one, and the power of many!

Visit EIR.ca to join our team of volunteers!



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