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Posted October 28, 2019

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Engineers of Tomorrow is a not-for-profit that is shaping the engineering narrative by telling better stories. 

EoT and EDI

With the upcoming OSPE EDI Forum fast approaching, we’ve got equity, diversity and inclusion on our mind!

We’re looking forward to joining the conversation – Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Canada’s STEM sector is vital.

For us, we believe in the value and sustainability that EDI brings to the workforce. It’s really at the heart of why we do STEM outreach.

You may have heard us say it before, but we believe that by talking to kids differently about STEM will not only shift perceptions and break down barriers, it will also lead to a more diverse group of students choosing to pursue a STEM career and a more technologically literate general public.

In our experience, working with thousands of engineers, and STEM professionals, we have also seen the direct impact that our style of STEM outreach has on the volunteers too.

EoT trained volunteers are armed with strategies they can integrate into their outreach methods to make the experience more inclusive and accessible to a more diverse set of students.

What we’ve noticed is that by teaching engineers how to talk to kids in a more inclusive and diverse way leads to shifts in their own behaviour and understanding of the impact their actions can have.

The grass roots STEM outreach model, when strategically supported with the latest research can be a powerful EDI tool!

We’re looking forward to continuing the EDI conversation with a diverse group at the Forum next week.

– written by Rebecca White

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