Engineers need to play too!

All work, and no play can make for some cranky, unmotivated, uninspired, and tired engineers!

We happen to believe that PLAY is a priority!

Engineers that play are…

better at generating ideas,
stimulated and innovative,
recharged and engaged!
It’s easy to get STUCK behind deadlines, emails, reports….
The EIR program is a great way to “unstick”! It literally forces engineers into a playful environment – elementary and high school classrooms.
They get to play with ideas.
  • How do I talk to kids about engineering?
  • How can I create a fun hands on learning experience to support the teacher and curriculum?

They get to play with their story.

  • Thinking back about their past role models, favorite teachers, and choices that prompted them to follow their path.
And they get to play alongside the kids. Building potato batteries, or spaghetti towers…we can’t think of an engineer who doesn’t love to tinker!
Come and play with us! for more info….and send us a quick email – here, we’ll make it easy for you 🙂
Just copy & paste this into an email:
Subject: Help me get my engineers playing again!
Let’s play!

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