Engineers in the news

There are some amazing stories of engineers stepping up right now in this time of uncertainty and using their unique problem solving skills to help out.

These are the stories that we are seeking out.

Those that are serving to support their friends, families and communities.

Spend just a few minutes on any social media platform and you will read about things like….

  • Engineers coming together across the globe to work together on new designs
  • Academic institutions encouraging their students and faculty to lend their knowledge and expertise
  • Industry partners pivoting in exciting ways

We were inspired by one of our own Engineer in Residence volunteers who asked us for help to shine a light on these stories of engineers working to make the world a better place right now….but do it in a way that kids can understand.

Our own Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has even created a video to help kids understand what is happening right now.

So we did it!

We created the first ever Engineers of Tomorrow “Engi-news”. These will be short videos designed to help kids understand the role that engineers play, and get them curious and asking questions.

Let us know what you think! We’d love to get your feedback and help out in any way we canĀ 

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