Engineers are resilient

One trait we see in engineers is resiliency.

They are not afraid of failure.

In fact, the engineering design process is made to embrace failure.

Learn from it, iterate and try again!

Engineers are known for being fearlessly persistent until they come with a solution.

Resiliency is a trait found in many successful people….people who just refused to give up!

Henry Ford is a great example – an one that many engineers will relate to.

He is known as the “father of the automobile”. He helped bring transportation to the masses!

But, did you know his first company went bankrupt?!? And, even his second attempt at success went south.

But, his resiliency paid off!

We love to idea of resiliency and growth mindset.

It’s a great way to message engineering to kids too. Going beyond being “good at math and science”.

“Hey, I love how you kept trying to get that to work and never gave up – that’s something that engineers do too!”

You can share stories of how your own resiliency has helped you to be a better engineer.

What other traits do you notice in engineers….beyond just being “good at math and science”??

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