The way we talk about engineering is still outdated and leads to confusion!

Here’s what we hear from the engineering community…

…we don’t have a pipeline problem.

…enrollment in engineering is at an all time high.

…we can’t find high quality talent.

…we need more women in engineering.

Who else is confused? 🤷


It comes down to messaging.

What are the messages that kids are getting about engineering these days?

Are they any different that the ones that YOU got when you were a kid?


We know. We asked!




The 3 words that top the list when we ask kids questions like….What is engineering? What qualities or characteristics do you think an engineer needs? What do you think an engineer does?

Why is that?

Engineering messaging HAS. NOT. CHANGED.

There is NO mention of…




Of course not!

Kids aren’t getting the full story. The BIG picture.

If we change the way we TALK about engineering, we can change perceptions.

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