EIRs in action!

We’re all about storytelling, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!

Check out these amazing EIR program volunteers in action….

Why we love it: It’s not often we get to hear from the parents! This EIR obviously made an impact on “T”.

Why we love it: Scratch (the program that Mr. Ball is using here) is such a great accessible platform! We’re all about accessibility 🙂

Why we love it: “Relevant problems” – yassss! Kids are more likely to connect and engage when you are discussing things they care about. Things that are relevant to them.

Why we love it: Marshmallows and toothpicks – simple and affordable materials are all you need! It’s the messaging and story behind it that creates a big impact.

Why we love it: Students here are showing off so many unique, innovate and creative designs! Diversity and teamwork go hand-in-hand with engineering.

Why we love it: Hands-on materials…specially ones that make a bit of a mess (kids can help with clean up too!)…are a best practice. Everyone learns differently, so for some kids, getting their ‘hands dirty’ is the best way to connect to their brain!

Thanks to all of our generous EIR program volunteers donating their valuable time to help shape the future.

If you are interesting in supporting this innovative outreach program that is reaching thousands of students each year, please get in touch!

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