Do it for the one…

Do it for the one....

The one student who doesn't think they are smart enough.

The one student who thinks engineering is only for boys.

The one student who thinks that engineers only build bridges.

Do it for the one student who will discover the power of engineering and go on to change the world.

As I set up and prepared the EIR 2020/21 program this summer, I looked back in my own life and remembered the engineering mentors I had. I remember the 'take apart' exercise that my father got me to do when I was young. Sitting me in a cardboard box with an old printer in my lap and a screwdriver in my hand. Telling me to take it apart and figure out what was in this machine.


I remember going to the Toyota car manufacturing plant and learning about the assembly line from the engineers there. All of these experiences in my early life shaped my decision to pursue engineering in school. I'm sure that you can remember an adult in your childhood who shaped your view of the engineering profession.

You are that person for all of the children in your classroom as you EIR. You can make that same impact in those students' life. You can be the engineer they remember when they look back and consider who made an impact on their decision to pursue engineering.

Remember, you are doing it for the one student who may change the world!

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