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Posted February 7, 2020

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Diversity makes a great soup!

Wait, what has diversity got to do with soup??

…you wouldn’t make a soup with one thing in it and expect it to be good soup right?!?

We loved this analogy by Tina Fey in a recent interview with Oprah!

Diversity just makes things better.

We spent some time with a great groups of students from Wellington Catholic District School Board at a Skills Ontario event yesterday.

We designed an activity to help them experience the value of diversity.

First we had them solve a challenging problem on their own.

Then we did it again, but as a team.

We had some great discussion comparing the two experiences.

Some kids shared that they preferred working solo – no one to argue with!

Other students shared that they preferred working as a team. Having more people involved made solving the problem easier!

We all have natural tendencies and preferences when it comes to how we work.

Teamwork is a skill, a “muscle”, that can be developed, practiced, and grown.

And without teamwork, the value that diversity brings is lost.

Suddenly we’ve got a craving for some soup….with LOTS of ingredients 😉

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