Changing the Conversation

We’ve all heard the stereotypical engineering stories about machinery and gears, or buildings and bridges. These stories have been and continue to be the go-to idea when we think about engineering.

In reality, this is depriving people of the information that has the potential to spark inspiration and passion, especially in kids.

It’s time to shift the conversation to the societal impact that engineering has.

Elanor Huntington spoke on this topic in her Ted Talk: Why We Need Engineers Now More Than Ever 

“We’re [engineers] are motivated by making a difference in people’s lives using technology, and for us science and maths are the tools, they’re actually not the point.”

Machinery, gears, buildings and bridges will continue to be a part of engineering, however the perspective on these types of projects have been simplified and made lifeless.

The advancements being made in technology have the power to change millions of lives, whether that’s in medicine, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, etc.

Regardless of the specific area, every task takes immense amounts of creativity, imagination and a sense of adventure.

There is no doubt that the work being done in engineering is improving the quality of so many lives and largely impacting society for the better, however the conversation does not describe engineering this way.

Let’s work together to change the conversation!

If you are involved in engineering, share with others the impact you are making and the creativity and problem solving that goes into each project you work on!

Check out Elanor Huntington’s Ted Talk for more on this topic:

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