Build the Robot Don’t Become It

Why did you choose that program? Why did you choose that company? Why did you accept that job? Why do you go to work/school every day?

These are all questions I challenge you to ask yourselves!

We are creatures of habit and we fall into patterns every day without even knowing it. Often, there is a certain reason why we choose to break habits and snap out of the cycle.

For example, we have a health scare so we start eating better and exercising.

There are some habits though, that do not have a distinct endpoint and there is nothing that is going to force us to break away from the pattern.

Take a minute to look at where you are right now and what got you there. Chances are you were once passionate about what you’re doing and now you have caught a bad case of Drift Syndrome.

We forget why we chose what we did, we lose the passion and end up just going through each motion as if we were programmed to do so…. Kind of like a robot.

So, snap out of it!! Ask yourself those questions and reconnect to the passion that brought you where you are.

Allow yourself to re-evaluate and adjust, and bring back that spark that allowed you to be where you are now!

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