An open letter to Ontario teachers and EIR volunteers

The Engineer in Residence program is an engineering outreach program, reaching elementary and high school students across Ontario. The volunteer EIRs are matched with classroom teachers to bring real-life dimension to the curriculum, using hands-on projects, presentations and other activities. They share their personal stories and passion for their profession, and put a face to engineering.

With 200 Ontario teachers, and 200 volunteer engineers participating this year, we wanted to acknowledge the potential for significant disruption to the program and the student learning experience as Ontario teachers take action to during their labour dispute.

We, at Engineers of Tomorrow, would like to recognized the EIR volunteers and teachers for the honoring the intent of this program, and minimizing any impact to the student experience.

Aside from a few minor exceptions, we are pleased to report that there has been minimal impact to the EIR program activities.

We will continue to monitor the situation and respond to any issues as they arise.

The EIR program is designed to support to the existing curriculum. The EIR program volunteers are a resource for teachers and students. An opportunity to bring experiential learning into the classroom in a way that fits with the needs of the teacher, and their students.

We want to thank the EIR volunteers and teachers for keeping the needs of the students as a top priority and continuing to inspire the next generation of problem solvers and game changers!

Rebecca White, CEO Engineers of Tomorrow

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