Nearly 200 classrooms are taking part in the EIR program – what would it mean to have an engineer in every class?

Nearly 200 classrooms are signed up to take part in the Engineer in Residence program for the 2020-2021 school year! The program is currently active in 25 school districts across the province!

As the program continues to grow, we have been thinking: what would it mean to have an engineer in every classroom across Ontario? What would this accomplish?

Well… there are a lot of ways that this could have an impact! 

1. “Engineering” and “engineer” would be recognized by every Ontario student! A lot of people, especially young students, do not know what an engineer does and may not consider engineering as a career because of this. Introducing an engineer into a classroom can help change these perceptions of engineering!

2. Strong positive role models for engineering would be present in every class! Having someone that students can look up to will help them understand what engineers can do!

3. STEM careers would be recognized as rewarding and cool! Engineering work may be perceived as boring to some students, and hands-on activities can help them see how fun and rewarding engineering can be.

4. Better gender parity in incoming engineering classes! Diverse and inclusive messaging can help all students see that there is a place for them in engineering.

5. K-12 teachers are supported and confident in STEM! With the province adding coding to the grade 1-8 curriculum, engineers can play an important role in supporting teachers who may not be familiar or comfortable with coding.

6. Leadership-building opportunities for professional engineers across Ontario! Developing activities, learning to tell your engineering story, and connecting with students can give engineers the opportunity to grow and try new things!

And much more! 

We are excited to continue seeing the EIR program grow and impact more classes across the province! Visit  to find out more about the program and how you can get involved!

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