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Posted August 10, 2020

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Engineers of Tomorrow is a not-for-profit that is shaping the engineering narrative by telling better stories. 

What do engineers and hockey players have in common? More than you might think!


It’s no secret that we’re big hockey fans! 🏒 

And, we’re stoked that we can WATCH our fav sport again. 

Any one else feel a bit weird watching hockey in August though!?! 

One thing we can’t help notice is…

Hockey players are AWESOME at math and physics! Angles, forces, momentum, velocity. WAIT! Aren’t those science words?

And engineers are just like hockey players! Grit, resilience, determination, teamwork. 


We see all-to-often. Kids get labelled. 




Which category did you fit into as a kid? 

Uh huh…and how did that feel?? 

TRUTH is…kids can be BOTH. 


You. Need. To. Tell. Them. 

Next time you’re talking to that “sporty” kid who’s feeling not so smart…be sure to point out how they’ve MASTERED math (without even knowing it). 

Or that “smart” kid who thinks they don’t fit in….point out how much they’ve got in common with their favorite hockey star (hard work, never giving up, passion). 

Now we gotta know…..favorite hockey team?? Comment below!


And, if you’d like to learn more about how we can HELP you connect with those SMART SPORTY kids, visit engineersoftomorrow.ca

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