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Posted December 31, 2020

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Engineers of Tomorrow is a not-for-profit that is shaping the engineering narrative by telling better stories. 

2020 recap….reflecting on our impact

 This year presented us with some of the biggest challenges we’ve ever had to overcome. But we chose to see it as an opportunity.

And, despite the challenges we’ve faced, we’ve heard from our volunteers, teachers, and the students, that the work we’re doing now is MORE important than ever!

There’s a strong need to connect education and community and tell better stories that inspire a brighter future.


Without further a-do…some of our best impact in 2020

from a Skills Ontario virtual event

Just wrapped up another amazing event with @skillsontario connecting with students from KW, Halton & Upper Grand. We collaborated to come up with a #globalgoals awareness poster. LOVE how it turned out Red heart

Thanks again to @InkSmith3D for the inspiration Hugging face

Virtual exhibition of Aldershot's I-STEM program

LOVE getting a window into what’s happening at @ISTEM_HDSB‘s Aldershot high school. Can’t wait to see what these budding #engineers have come up with to solve a local erosion issue!

See it Be it STEM it's virtual calendar release party

Yes! We LOVE @TheMathGuru …. so happy to see her in the calendar this year!

Camp Engies weekend

Thank-you to @campengies for creating such a unique #engineering experience this past weekend! We were happy to be a part of it. Red heart


Virtual EIR experiences!

This year, grade 7 students were supported by our incredible engineer-in-residence, Julia Kavuma. I can’t thank her enough for her mentorship, especially as she inspired us to build bridges at home! Julia, you’re the best!  @juliakavuma   @TheLindenSchool @EIRProgram


And of course, we’ve got the stats! We’re engineers after all. We LOVE numbers 🤪


To wrap up….it’s been quite a year! Thank-you to our entire EoT community for all of your support and stay tuned for some exciting plans for 2021!


Happy New Year 🎉

P.S. Incase you haven't heard....

The EoT family grew this year as Founder, Erica Lee Garica, welcomed baby Clara into the world December 8th! 

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