Call for 3rd or 4th year female engineering students!


Special pilot mentorship opportunity with Engineers of Tomorrow & Enbridge

We’re looking for up to five (5) third or fourth-year female engineering students who are interested in a unique mentorship opportunity with an Enbridge engineer AND an elementary class!

Mentees that have an interest in energy, energy transition, and/or sustainability will be matched one-on-one with an Enbridge engineer to learn more about engineering careers and explore the energy sector.

Mentor/mentee pairs will then be matched with a grade 6, 7, or 8 class to mentor young budding engineers through a design challenge. The Future City Experience challenges students in grades 6, 7, and 8 to use the engineering design process to research, design, and build a model of a city 100 years into the future. This year students are being asked to design a zero-waste city and provide examples of how the city reuses waste resources to keep its residents safe and healthy.

Mentors & mentees will be supported by Engineers of Tomorrow with the necessary training and resources to make this an experience that will

  • add value to your professional experience through skill building
  • deepen your connection to the engineering community
  • help build your network and raise awareness of engineering professions in the energy sector
  • be FUN!



When does it start?

The engineer mentoring part of the program runs October – December

The Future City challenge mentoring is February-April

What is the time commitment?

Initial Mentor/Mentee conversations are flexible and can be planned around your schedule. We recommend you plan for one hour per meeting, and target at least three meetings between October -December. 

For the Future City design challenge you will be asked to visit with your grade 6, 7 or 8 class a total of three times (approximately 1 hour per visit). The visits can be done by the mentor, the mentee, or both (as your schedule permits)! You will also be invited to join the National Showcase (which happens every May). Showcase attendance is not mandatory, but it’s a lot of fun!

Is it in person or online (virtual)?

The program is designed to be done online (virtual experience) to allow flexibility and accessibility. However, whenever possible we will try to prioritze proximity so that you can do in person meetings if you’d like.

Volunteers Needed!

Due to increased demand from teachers this year we've extended the application deadline for the Engineer in Residence program. to apply


Other ways to support...


1. Invite other engineers in your network to apply

2. Connect us with your employer

3. Donate


Your support will help us provide...


...Engineer mentors to K-12 students across Canada

...Inspiring engineering-themed play and learning for students

...Relateable role models for underrespresented groups

...Educational resources for hands-on creative learning experiences




Thank you for your support!