Career Profile Submission

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Youth in Canada need role models like you to help them plan bright futures. Your career profile will help raise awareness about engineering career for young students.

What’s involved?

Please complete the following questionnaire and carefully read each questions. This is a comprehensive questionnaire. 

IMPORTANT – we do have your current profiles on file. If the information we are requesting from you has not changed, you are welcome to simply report “no change” for that question.


Keep in mind that you are writing for young students (age 9-12) who probably aren’t familiar with the details of your work. Try to avoid jargon and specialized terms (or explain them clearly). As much as possible, write in short, evocative sentences that will help youth picture what you are talking about.


Volunteers Needed!

Due to increased demand from teachers this year we've extended the application deadline for the Engineer in Residence program. to apply


Other ways to support...


1. Invite other engineers in your network to apply

2. Connect us with your employer

3. Donate


Your support will help us provide...


...Engineer mentors to K-12 students across Canada

...Inspiring engineering-themed play and learning for students

...Relateable role models for underrespresented groups

...Educational resources for hands-on creative learning experiences




Thank you for your support!