Support engineering outreach in a local classroom ($500)


The “Adopt a class” program allows individuals and smaller companies to directly sponsor a professional engineer volunteer who is matched with a local K-12 classroom to deliver STEM outreach. 

$500 supports a class for the WHOLE school year! That class gets matched with their own engineer. Students will experience regular visits and connect to an engineering role model to experience the world of engineering in a unique way.

Your $500 helps to cover the cost of...

  • volunteer training (diverse and inclusive messaging, telling their engineering story, strategic messaging, etc.)
  • consumables for fun hands-on STEM activities
  • logistical requirements (eg. vulnerable sector checks)
  • and program support for the teacher, students and engineer.

Your $500 gift will turn into at least 150 positive engineering experiences for students! 

You’re an engineering advocate to shape positive societal change.