Why stay?

Why stay?

We spend a lot of time and effort shifting the perception of engineering for kids.


So a more diverse population of students will be able to see that there’s a place for them in engineering.

But, what happens once they get there?

Why do they stay?

Arguably, it’s still an uphill battle for those entering the profession that are currently underrepresented.

Last week, DiscoveryE kicked off their Global Marathon with some inspiring women who were talking about just that…..why stay?

Selda Gunsel – VP Technology at Shell, and Montana Wilson M.Eng, P.Eng, PMP – Division Manager at MTE Consultants shared their experiences with a group of women.

It was a great opportunity to cultivate ideas, and inspire women who have experienced their own challenges.

And, in the spirit of continuing that conversation, here are some of Selda and Montana’s top tips for women who want to stay!

  1. Become involved in external organizations. Grow your network!
  2. Find a mentor that pushes you beyond your comfort zone. Personal growth can be a little uncomfortable – but it’s worth it!
  3. Focus on your strengths and make your job your own to make it more meaningful!

Great advice!

Thanks to Selda and Montana for being a great example of what’s possible.

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